SAK Russia '18 Limited - Kids


This limited edition celebrates football at its best: the reunion of the top teams and players of the world in one single place to play a competition that elevates everyone’s love for their country like no other event!

Sak shin guards for the world cup 2018 are not only the best protection but also a unique token of inspiration and collection to all football practitioners and fans.

  • • Exterior protection layer in latest generation polymer materials used in the aerospace and military industries;

    • Cutting-edge materials combined with NTM.Fit (Near-Tailor-Made fit), ensure a uniform distribution of energy, reducing the risk of serious injuries;

    • Optimal fit that will feel as if you are not even using shin guards;

    • High quality foam with activated carbon particles that eliminate skin irritating bacteria;

    • Moisture wicking that prevents the usual bad odor of standard shin guards;

    • Anti-slipping foam, that in combination with the included compression calf sleeves, keeps the shin guards in place even under fast movements;

    • European EN 13061 standard certification, with impact testing and skin compatibility testing.

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