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Men Size Chart
Men Size Chart

This limited edition celebrates football at its best: the reunion of the top teams and players of the world in one single place to play a competition that elevates everyone’s love for their country like no other event! Sak shin guards for the world cup 2018 are not only the best protection but also a unique token of inspiration and collection to all football practitioners and fans.

  • Our R&D team engineered SAK Russia '18's shape from an anatomic database of digital 3D legs captured from a vast array of players.
    The result is a near-tailor-made fit (NTM.Fit is a SAK patentable technology).
    Cutting-edge materials combined with NTM.Fit, ensure a uniform distribution of energy, reducing the risk of serious injuries.

    For each of these profiles, choose from 4 different protection areas (S, M, L, XL) - sizes available to print in real size try out here.


    • Designed for slim bone and muscle structures for which standard shin guards tend to be oversized - calf perimeters < 34 cm (13 1/2 in);

    • Reduces the common gap between narrow legs and standard and the shin guards.


    • Designed for legs with intermediate perimeters for which standard shin guards are stiff - calf perimeters between 35 and 40 cm (13 3/4 and 15 3/4 in);

    • Optimal fitting combined with flexible and robust materials increases comfort and safety.


    • Designed for large cross-sectional area legs to which standard shin guards are difficult to adjust - calf perimeters larger than 40 cm (16 1/4 in);

    • Eliminates the discomfort of high and irregular pressure points caused by standard shin guards.