Shin Guards

No. While SAK previously utilized carbon fiber, we have since evolved to incorporate advanced materials that offer superior performance without discomfort. Our shin guards are made from strong polymer materials, commonly used in military and aeronautical applications, ensuring robust protection during football practice.

SAK shin guards are certified according to the EN 13061 European standard, undergoing rigorous impact and chemical testing. They are designed to absorb high energy impacts, significantly reducing the risk of injuries. However, it’s important to note that shin guards cannot fully protect against all serious injuries caused by high-impact or dangerous tackles.

SAK shin guards can be used with a soccer sock, compression sock, or shin guard stays. Each pair comes with a complimentary set of calf sleeves, specifically designed to keep the shin guards securely in place. Additional support accessories can be purchased separately if needed.

Thanks to their custom-fit design, SAK shin guards tend to slip less than standard models. However, for optimal performance, we recommend using them with the provided calf sleeves, shin guard stays, or other support accessories.

Absolutely. Our shin guards are certified for skin safety according to EN 13061 standards, ensuring they are hypoallergenic. In the unlikely event of an allergic reaction, we recommend wearing them over a sock.

All SAK products are proudly produced in Portugal, Europe.

Our designs are protected with a durable layer that prevents wear over time. However, extreme impacts may cause minor scratches or damage to the graphic layer.

To maintain your shin guards, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and improper storage. Clean them with a damp cloth and allow them to air dry. Detailed instructions are provided in the accompanying booklet.

Using advanced 3D scanning and modeling technologies, we ensure a close approximation to each client’s leg shape. While a perfect 100% fit is challenging without an in-person scan, our process guarantees a highly accurate fit. Should any issues arise, our customer support is ready to assist.

SAK respects the uniqueness of each design. Custom designs created for you will not be used for others without your consent, excluding standard website offerings.

Yes. After providing your design preferences, we will send a proposal for your approval. Production begins only after you have approved the final design.

While we recommend sizes based on the EN 13061 standard and your height, you are free to choose any of the four available sizes that best suit your needs.

We advise against using any copyrighted material you do not own the rights to. SAK reserves the right to refuse inclusion of such elements, with the client bearing full responsibility for their use.

Custom shin guards cannot be returned or exchanged after production, except in cases of defects or faults.

Please contact SAK through our website’s provided details for any issues with your shin guards.

SAK offers a 2-year warranty covering normal use in soccer practice.

No, altering the original size of the shin guards is not recommended as it may compromise their protective properties.

Calf Sleeves

Yes, our Calf Sleeves adhere to the BS 6612 European standard, ensuring effective graduated compression.

SAK offers a variety of sizes for different leg profiles. To find your perfect fit, measure your calf perimeter and refer to the size chart in the product description.

The warranty period for SAK Compressor calf sleeves is one year. This warranty excludes issues from normal usage and wear, as well as from inadequate use, negligence, or alterations.

For best care, hand wash at temperatures below 40º C, gently without overstretching. For machine washing, select delicate clothing programs at low temperatures. After washing, remove excess water and air dry naturally.

Affiliate Program

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It’s free to join, and it offers the potential to generate additional revenue for you. By adding SAK Project links and banners, you enhance the content offered to your audience, potentially increasing customer loyalty.

Commissions are paid monthly once they exceed the minimum threshold of €5. Payments are made directly to your designated bank account.

Orders are tracked using cookies. Links from your site will include your unique affiliate ID. When a visitor clicks on your link to sakproject.com and makes a purchase, our system automatically credits you with the sale.

No. To maintain accuracy in inventory, price updates, and to ensure excellent customer service, all transactions must occur on sakproject.com. We handle all aspects of order fulfillment and customer support.

Yes, purchases made through your affiliate links are eligible for commission. This includes personal orders placed by you via your unique affiliate link.

If a product purchased through your affiliate link is returned for a refund, the commission earned on that transaction will be deducted from your account. However, exchanges or replacements due to loss or damage do not affect your commissions.

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