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March 12, 2019

Sometimes it’s hard for footballers to choose the right equipment. Boots and shin guards comes in different sizes and there are a lot of different options in the market. Questions such as “should these boots be a bit tighter to my feet?” or “should it be larger so it could be more comfortable when wearing football socks?” are common when choosing a new boot. The doubts are similar when it comes to shin guards: how should it fit? Where exactly should I place it on my legs? Well, here comes some tips.


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When choosing shin guards amateur and casual footballers should do like the pros and look for two things: comfort and protection. There are a lot of products in the market offering only one of those two. You should look for both.


The right fit for football shin guards

There’s a common aspect when it comes to comfortable and protective football shin guards: the right fit. A shin guard with ideal fit onto a player’s leg improves its protection capacity by better dissipating impact and improves the comfort feeling by staying in the right position even during complex moves.


For ideal protection football shin guards should be worn in ta way to protect the leg as much as possible, which means that as bigger the shin guard is the more protected the athlete’s leg will be. The area covered by the shin guard is essential to secure the product’s accuracy.


Although, nowadays the trend shows us that the most chosen sizes are the smaller ones. In this case, the best area to place the shin guard is between the ankle and the middle of the tibia. The absence of muscles in this area leave the bones more exposed to impacts.


Choosing the right size for more comfort and protection

In order to achieve higher protection levels, footballers should choose the right shin guard size. As an expert in shin guard development, SAK develops products in different sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL – each of them adequate for different profiles.


Besides the player height – that influencers the sizing (XS, S, M, L, XL) - SAK has another measure that also makes the difference in offering the most comfortable and protective football shin guards in the market: different leg profiles. Footballers can choose SAK shin guards from three Leg Profiles: Thin, Regular and Wide, being able to choose the one which is the most adequate for his/hers own leg shape.



How to keep my shin guards in place?

Professional footballers were used to wear the old tape for fixing shin guards on their legs. Thankfully the shin guard industry keeps evolving and SAK has developed new and better solutions. Nowadays footballers wear a sleeve to keep the shin guard in place - all SAK shin guards are sold with a sleeve. SAK has even an advanced solution - SAK Compressor -, a sleeve that keeps shin guards in place while offering graduated compression that reduces fatigue feeling on leg muscles within a breathable and comfortable material. Some footballers are more old school and choses SAK Link, a new option similar to the old tape but in better and more durable materials.


Why shin guards are important?

Football shin guards are important for one main reason: injury prevention. One doesn’t need to be a pro to hate being sidelined because of injuries – and having all the trouble of feeling pain for every single daily activity, such as walking the dog, driving and working.


Also, as this post shows, professional footballers spend relevant amount of time sidelined because of injuries, what makes it not only costly for their clubs but also disappointing for them.


Another reason why shin guards are so important in football is confidence. Feeling protected boosts a football player confidence in going for or through a tackle. The protection feeling is crucial for generating the trust to keep moving forward and play hard. Confidence is key in any sport and it’s not different in football. It can be a difference maker in pushing a player for the next level. That’s why footballers should gear with the best possible equipment – and shin guards are vital for them.


Both professional and amateur footballers must benefit from the football shin guard industry evolution. The new materials, products and techniques provides casual, amateur and professional athletes different options for being comfortably protected during a football match. It’s a matter of research to find the best shin guard and the best accessories for you. Our advice is to do it like the pros and gear with the best products in the market. Or in other words: to choose SAK.

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